Trident South Africa manufactures and distributes the Goodman range of mining Locomotives and the Eimco Range of Loaders/Rockershovels.

These products are the mainstay of deep level hard rock mining across the globe.

Trident also re-manufactures these products bring them back to specification as well as updating the specification to Customer requirements.

Units re-manufactured by Trident South Africa start as either units sent to Trident by Customers or as "salvage" stock held at Trident South Africa or sourced by Trident South Africa.

Cost is a factor in modern mining and due to the robust nature of the original equipment re-manufacture is a cost positive way of maintaining a fleet.

Starting mining operations with re-manufactured equipment supplied by Trident South Africa is a efficient way of keeping costs down. Warranties offered with re-manufactured equipment are the same as with new equipment - such is our confidence in the re-manufactured product.

Trident South Africa supports re-manufactured equipment as it would new equipment with Parts Supply, Service Support and Training using our Facilities and resources in Wadeville. On-line Portals also offer web based support.